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My Animal Abstract Artwork explores  nature. It focuses and reflects on moments of our perceived notions of natures  beauty,

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 Anu Abas enjoys Singing, and Painting, from an early age. I love guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano, drums and other musical instruments. Sang with choir, chorus groups, in New York. She sings classical, jazz, contemporary, African and spiritual music. Did musical projects with independent films and music recordings. Between recordings and shows, Anu-Abas studied both music and fine arts, she majored in studio arts and Designs. Her art works are shown in galleries.

 She is a former Teacher and social worker, has taught for over 20 years.  Anu's  drawing style is both abstract and expressive. She also does still life and fine point pencil sketches. She creates amazing beautiful works of animal art which is her latest work. Art is a from of story telling which is interpreted by an individual's own experience or through their imaginations of  the environment, trees, animals and the echo system.   


 Anu Abas musical arts journey started at a very early age, her musical development and unique style is the result of a lifetime of influence in church choir and musical theater. Growing up in a christian family meant that Abas was surrounded by spiritual gospels and African music, she remember the first time that she heard classical music and opera sang by Mahalia Jackson and Mariam Anderson, at an early age, she was amazed and exited, as she sat by that little radio a certain kind of joy filled her heart. 

As a young female she began to showcase her talent in various venues, Songs and Dance Show Case invitations provided more opportunities for her. While her musical journey began early on stage singing specific songs, as an adult she got to hear several types of music and her love for music spans the globe appreciating other famous singers and classical music From America, to Africa and European.  Performing in New York at numerous gigs and making sure that her name and music were being heard by as many people as possible. She also like some Rock, Rap and Country music, she says there are stories and poetry in them. 

Storytelling in songs came from Africa. She was quickly noted for the unique style that she has and was invited to sing on independent labels recordings. Anu Abas calling is the Arts, After years of social work and as a teacher she infuses her gift of the arts along with her experience and knowledge, she help others to find their true voice from within and sing.



My vision is to to empower individuals to be able to sing, for beginners, intermediate or professionals who feel they need some tuning. sharing the abundance of knowledge and experience I have gained from my experience during many years and to help others come into their own alignment through their own voice, sounds and musical journey. 

The classes and workshops focuses on improving or awakening your true voice to be able to sing and or build communication skills. Through the Arts of Voice and Sounds fine tuning, you can achieve revitalization, and rejuvenation to arrive within your center to gain wholeness and peace. Anu Abas true calling is the Arts, After years of social work and as a teacher she infuses her gifts   Self expression is gain from finding your true voice. Then you can be able to sing, dance or do whatever you desire. There are series of workshops that we do give,  so as to guide individuals and groups into their journey of self discovery, she infuses her gifts of the arts along with her musical experience and knowledge, and encourages others to find their true own voice from within to be able to sing dance and express his or herself.  

 Voice and Sounds acapella tunning is an innate and intuitive way to build a good foundation for building courage, self esteem, mental clarity, emotional balance, and clarity. You will learn to listen deeply to expand your perception, to trust the inner self to be able to sing. You don't have to be an experienced or professional singer, beginners, intermediate or higher level singers who have developed technical issues are welcome.

Voice and Sound Garden has works with individuals, groups, community or businesses, leaderships, teachers, mentors, health care professionals. in order to build communication and leadership skills as well as personal growth or for group empowerment.   



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